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The only computerization solution for educational organizations designed for use and utilization by smatphones.

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    A unique IT solution for educational organizations, designed specifically for use via smartphones and tablets. Start Now
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    A complete IT solution for educational organizations that fully meets the needs of each role within the educational ecosystem. Start Now
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    Top-notch design that radically upgrades each user’s daily interaction experience with the educational organization. Start Now
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    By utilizing the information technologies in everyday educational activities, the digital profile of your educational organization is uniquely highlighted. Start Now

Why mySchoolApp

mySchoolApp is the application that brings the educational organization, the teachers, the students and the parents…

Close from afar!

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New Feature
With this new feature, you can easily turn a physical classroom into a hybrid or even more, a completely digital one. Students who are not physically present in the classroom, are able with just a click of a button, to join remotely. A unique provision for remotely attending a class which is taking place in a physical classroom, due to the following reasons:
  • In case of absence of individual student(s) due to illness or difficulty in commuting.
  • To reduce the number of students attending the physical classroom and to ensure that the class complies with the necessary health and safety measures, due to the emergency conditions of the pandemic.
  • The overall transformation of a classroom from “physical” to “digital” in case of emergency or any other restriction occurred.
  • Features

    • Infrastructure – Operational parameters Buildings, classrooms, time schedules, etc.
    • Personnel ManagementAdministrative staff, teachers, students, parents and caretakers
    • Communication toolsDigital noticeboard, personalized push notifications.
    • Academic OrganizationEducation levels, classes, study directions, academic periods
    • Educational ProcessRegistrations, class divisions, timetables, education calendar, absences, grades
    • DashboardsAdministration dashboard, secretariat daily tasks dashboard
  • Features

    • Education calendar
    • Teaching classes
    • Students per class
    • Calculation of teaching hours
    • Personal notes and instructions to students per lesson and teaching hour
    • Students’ absences and grades handling and monitoring
    • Personal notifications (Push notifications)
    • News and announcements from the educational organization
    • Live teaching feature
  • Features

    • Education calendar
    • Teaching calendar
    • Teaching classes
    • Personal notes and photos per teaching day
    • Display of teacher’s instructions per teaching hour
    • Display of grades
    • Display of absences
    • Personal notifications (Push notifications)
    • News and announcements from the educational organization
    • Live teaching module
  • Features

    • Access to teaching calendar per student
    • Grades and absences monitoring per student
    • Personal notifications (Push notifications)
    • News and announcements from the educational organization
    • Access to notes and videos per teaching hour
    What it offers
  • Fully integrated, online management console for the educational organization.

  • Digital support of the educational process, regardless of whether it is conducted live, remotely or by hybrid models.

  • A unique tool for handling teachers’ daily tasks with advanced communication and information tools.

  • An excellent informational and educational tool for the students.

  • An ideal tool for the parents’ information.

Cloud Technology

Technologically innovative – Completely safe

Developed with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art technologies
Cloud operation (Microsoft Azure) Uninterrupted availability Unlimited scalability High data access and management security standards
GDPR compliant
Scalable and ready to connect with 3rd party software (API availability)
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Already recognized and awarded!

bronze Bronze Award in “ICT Solutions for SMEs” Business IT Excellence Awards 2019
silver Silver Award in «Mobile Learning / Education Services» Mobile Excellence Awards 2018
gold Gold Award in “Best Student Experience”” Education Leaders Awards 2018


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